Distance from Hamburg, Germany to Vilnius district municipality, Lithuania, map and direction

distance 1300 km
time 14 hours 39 mins
distance directly  1002 km
speed  89 km/h
driving route efficiency  77%
direction north-east
The distance from Hamburg, Germany to Vilnius district municipality, Lithuania is 1300 km, and travel time is 14 hours 39 mins. Average speed of travel is within 89 km/h. Direction is north-east.

Distance between Hamburg, Germany and Vilnius district municipality, Lithuania directly is 1002 km.

Geographic coordinates:
Hamburg, Germany 53° 33′ 4″ N 9° 59′ 37″ W
Vilnius district municipality, Lithuania 54° 41′ 22″ N 25° 16′ 48″ W
1Head northeast on Plan toward Bergstraße1 min81 m
2Turn left onto Ballindamm1 min41 m
3Take the 1st right to stay on Ballindamm1 min0.6 km
4Turn right onto Glockengießerwall1 min0.4 km
5Continue onto Steintorwall1 min0.3 km
6Turn left onto Altmannbrücke1 min0.2 km
7Continue onto Kurt-Schumacher-Allee1 min0.7 km
8Continue onto Beim Strohhause1 min0.5 km
9Continue onto Borgfelder Straße2 mins1.0 km
10Continue onto Hammer Landstraße1 min75 m
11Slight left onto Sievekingdamm2 mins1.0 km
12Slight right onto Sievekingsallee2 mins1.1 km
13At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto A241 hour 36 mins172 km
14At the interchange 20-Dreieck Wittstock/Dosse, keep right and follow signs for A24 toward Berlin/Potsdam34 mins63.5 km
15Continue onto E261 min0.9 km
16Continue onto A1049 mins79.6 km
17At the interchange 8-Dreieck Spreeau, keep right and follow signs for A12 toward Frankfurt (Oder)/Warschau/Warszawa. Entering Poland34 mins58.7 km
18Continue onto E301 min0.6 km
19Take the ramp to E301 min0.3 km
20Slight left onto E30. Partial toll road4 hours 3 mins456 km
21Continue onto S85 mins8.8 km
22Continue onto Aleja Armii Krajowej3 mins3.2 km
23Continue onto most Generała Stefana Grota-Roweckiego1 min1.4 km
24Continue onto Toruńska2 mins2.2 km
25Continue onto Route 815 mins15.4 km
26Continue onto al. Jana Pawła II1 min0.5 km
27Continue onto S822 mins36.6 km
28Continue onto Route 822 mins28.6 km
29Continue onto S83 mins4.7 km
30Take the exit toward Lubiejewska1 min0.4 km
31Turn left onto Lubiejewska3 mins1.0 km
32Slight right to stay on Lubiejewska1 min0.8 km
33Continue onto Łomżyńska3 mins2.3 km
34Continue onto Route 67739 mins40.3 km
35At Plac Tadeusza Kościuszki, take the 4th exit onto Zjazd3 mins1.9 km
36Continue onto Stawiskowa1 min0.2 km
37Keep left at the fork3 mins1.8 km
38Continue onto Route 61/Route 63. Continue to follow Route 61. Go through 1 roundabout37 mins42.2 km
39Slight left onto Jana Kilińskiego1 min0.7 km
40At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Szczuki4 mins2.4 km
41Continue onto Route 6149 mins52.1 km
42At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Wojska Polskiego3 mins1.1 km
43At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Chreptowicza1 min0.9 km
44Slight left onto Brzostowskiego1 min0.6 km
45At Rondo Marconiego, take the 2nd exit onto 29 Listopada2 mins1.0 km
46Slight right onto Route 16. Entering Lithuania43 mins50.0 km
47Continue onto Route 13510 mins9.8 km
48Slight right onto Vilniaus gatvė1 min32 m
49Continue onto Route 13234 mins39.6 km
50Turn right onto Santaikos gatvė4 mins3.0 km
51Continue onto Ulonų gatvė3 mins2.3 km
52Continue onto Route 12835 mins43.2 km
53Turn left onto A431 mins39.7 km
54Turn right to stay on A45 mins6.6 km
55Take the A4 ramp1 min0.1 km
56Continue on the ramp and merge onto A4/E287 mins6.1 km
57Take the E28 ramp to Panevėžys/A21 min0.3 km
58Slight right onto Savanorių prospektas/E287 mins4.8 km
59Continue onto Geležinio Vilko gatvė/E272 (signs for A2/A14)5 mins3.9 km
60Take the exit toward Lentpjūvių gatvė1 min73 m
61Turn left onto Lentpjūvių gatvė1 min0.2 km
62Turn right onto A. Goštauto gatvė2 mins1.1 km
63Slight right toward Vilniaus gatvė1 min0.1 km
64Continue straight onto Vilniaus gatvė1 min16 m

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