Distance from Bratislava, Slovakia to Poznań, Poland, map and direction

distance 658 km
time 7 hours 42 mins
distance directly  473 km
speed  85 km/h
driving route efficiency  72%
direction north-west
The distance from Bratislava, Slovakia to Poznań, Poland is 658 km, and travel time is 7 hours 42 mins. Average speed of travel is within 85 km/h. Direction is north-west.

Distance between Bratislava, Slovakia and Poznań, Poland directly is 473 km.

Geographic coordinates:
Bratislava, Slovakia 48° 8′ 47″ N 17° 6′ 26″ W
Poznań, Poland 52° 24′ 23″ N 16° 55′ 31″ W
1Head northwest toward Hurbanovo námestie1 min25 m
2Turn right onto Hurbanovo námestie1 min39 m
3Slight left onto Suché mýto1 min54 m
4Keep right at the fork1 min0.2 km
5Continue onto Štefánikova1 min0.7 km
6Continue onto Pražská3 mins1.7 km
7Continue onto Brnianska1 min1.0 km
8Continue onto Lamačská cesta2 mins1.5 km
9Take the E65/D2 ramp to Brno/Malacky/Lamač1 min0.8 km
10Continue on the ramp and merge onto D2/E65. Partial toll road. Entering Czech Republic30 mins58.0 km
11Continue onto D2. Partial toll road31 mins59.3 km
12Take the exit toward Brno-jih1 min0.2 km
13Keep left at the fork, follow signs for Ostrava/Olomouc/Letiště/D1/E50/E462 and merge onto D1/E462/E50. Partial toll road5 mins8.2 km
14Continue onto Route 50. Toll road3 mins6.3 km
15Continue onto D1. Toll road10 mins19.2 km
16Take exit 230 to merge onto E462/R46 toward Olomouc/Ostrava/Vyškov. Toll road20 mins37.3 km
17Take the exit on the left onto E442/E462/R35 toward Hranice/Opava/Ostrava/Olomouc-Holice/35/R46. Continue to follow E462. Toll road24 mins45.6 km
18Continue onto D1. Toll road31 mins58.8 km
19Take the exit1 min0.6 km
20At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Československé armády/Route 67. Entering Poland2 mins1.2 km
21Continue onto Route 783 mins3.4 km
22Sharp left onto Route 451 min0.4 km
23Take the 1st right to stay on Route 451 min0.8 km
24Take the 1st right to stay on Route 4523 mins21.7 km
25Turn right onto Głubczycka1 min18 m
26Take the 1st left onto Cegielniana2 mins1.1 km
27Turn left onto Kozielska2 mins0.7 km
28Continue onto Kwiatowa2 mins1.2 km
29Continue onto Route 45. Go through 1 roundabout29 mins36.1 km
30Sharp right to stay on Route 45. Go through 1 roundabout19 mins20.2 km
31Turn left onto the ramp to 41 min0.4 km
32Keep right at the fork and merge onto 450 mins92.7 km
33Take the exit toward 81 min0.3 km
34Keep right at the fork and merge onto 89 mins17.4 km
35Take the exit1 min1.1 km
36At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Sułowska3 mins2.0 km
37Continue onto Główna1 min0.9 km
38Continue onto Route 5/E261. Go through 1 roundabout46 mins54.2 km
39Slight right onto Sarnowska6 mins3.6 km
40Continue onto Route 361 min1.5 km
41Turn left onto Route 434. Go through 2 roundabouts27 mins28.2 km
42Slight right onto plac Karola Marcinkowskiego1 min0.2 km
43Turn left onto Fabryczna1 min0.1 km
44Turn right onto Poznańska5 mins3.4 km
45Continue onto Route 4347 mins7.9 km
46Turn left to stay on Route 4343 mins2.7 km
47Slight right onto Świętego Ducha2 mins1.5 km
48Continue onto Route 4349 mins8.9 km
49Slight right to stay on Route 4344 mins4.1 km
50At the roundabout, continue straight to stay on Route 43415 mins16.7 km
51At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Mosińska2 mins1.3 km
52Continue onto Stanisława Woźniaka1 min0.8 km
53At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Zaułek1 min0.1 km
54At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto the Trasa Katowicka ramp1 min0.3 km
55Merge onto Trasa Katowicka1 min31 m
56Continue onto Poznańska1 min1.6 km
57Continue onto S116 mins9.4 km
58Continue onto Bolesława Krzywoustego. Go through 1 roundabout8 mins8.0 km
59Continue onto Królowej Jadwigi2 mins1.1 km
60Slight right onto Aleja Niepodległości2 mins0.8 km
61Turn right onto Święty Marcin1 min0.5 km

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