Distance from Tirana, Albania to Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, map and direction

distance 384 km
time 6 hours 10 mins
distance directly  303 km
speed  62 km/h
driving route efficiency  79%
direction north-west
The distance from Tirana, Albania to Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina is 384 km, and travel time is 6 hours 10 mins. Average speed of travel is within 62 km/h. Direction is north-west.

Distance between Tirana, Albania and Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina directly is 303 km.

Geographic coordinates:
Tirana, Albania 41° 19′ 55″ N 19° 49′ 54″ W
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina 43° 51′ 23″ N 18° 24′ 47″ W
1Head northwest on Rruga Musa Vathi toward Rruga Hoxha Tahsim1 min89 m
2Turn left onto Rruga Hoxha Tahsim1 min0.6 km
3At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Rruga Luigj Gurakuqi1 min0.3 km
4Turn right onto Rruga e Barrikadave2 mins0.9 km
5Turn right onto Rruga Reshit Petrela1 min0.2 km
6Turn left onto Rruga Siri Kodra1 min65 m
7Turn left to stay on Rruga Siri Kodra1 min6 m
8Turn right to stay on Rruga Siri Kodra2 mins1.7 km
9Turn right toward Rruga Demokracia1 min0.5 km
10Turn left onto Rruga Demokracia4 mins3.1 km
11Turn right onto E762. Go through 1 roundabout28 mins30.8 km
12Continue onto E-7623 mins5.0 km
13At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto E8511 min45 m
14Slight right to stay on E85112 mins13.3 km
15Take the ramp onto E-762/E851/SH1. Continue to follow E851/SH1. Go through 1 roundabout30 mins35.5 km
16Slight right onto Rruga Agron1 min0.2 km
17At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto E-7622 mins1.7 km
18At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Bulevardi Mehmet Pashë Plaku1 min41 m
19Turn right onto Bulevardi Zogu I2 mins0.9 km
20Slight right onto SH1. Go through 1 roundabout1 min0.2 km
21Continue straight onto Rruga Studenti1 min0.3 km
22At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Rruga Qemal Draçini1 min0.5 km
23Continue onto Rruga Martin Camaj1 min0.4 km
24Continue onto SH11 min0.1 km
25Slight left onto Rruga Europa1 min0.3 km
26Continue onto SH1. Go through 2 roundabouts12 mins13.8 km
27At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit4 mins4.0 km
28At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto E-762/SH1. Go through 1 roundabout. Entering Montenegro14 mins14.5 km
29Continue straight to stay on E-762/SH1. Continue to follow E-76224 mins23.3 km
30At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Bulevar Šarla de Gola/M-181 min0.8 km
31Turn right onto Bulevar Georgija Žukova1 min0.8 km
32At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Vojislavljevića4 mins2.9 km
33Continue onto Slovenski most/E-762/M18. Continue to follow E-762/M18. Go through 1 roundabout51 mins50.8 km
34Turn right to stay on E-762/M181 min1.0 km
35Turn left onto Partizanski put/E762. Continue to follow E7621 hour 18 mins79.8 km
36Turn left to stay on E762. Entering Bosnia and Herzegovina1 min0.4 km
37Continue straight onto M1818 mins20.1 km
38Turn left to stay on M181 min0.3 km
39Turn right to stay on M181 min0.7 km
40Turn left to stay on M1853 mins66.6 km
41Take the exit1 min29 m
42Continue straight1 min26 m
43Continue straight onto Vojvode Radomira Putnika7 mins4.7 km
44Slight left onto Cesta Sarajevo - Trebević - Jahorina1 min0.2 km
45Continue onto Derviša Numića2 mins0.8 km
46Turn right onto Zagrebačka1 min0.8 km
47Continue onto Terezija1 min0.6 km
48Turn left onto Hamze Hume. Destination will be on the left1 min85 m

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