Distance from Dresden, Germany to Leipzig, Germany, map and direction

distance 113 km
time 1 hour 25 mins
distance directly  100 km
speed  79 km/h
driving route efficiency  89%
direction north-west
The distance from Dresden, Germany to Leipzig, Germany is 113 km, and travel time is 1 hour 25 mins. Average speed of travel is within 79 km/h. Direction is north-west.

Distance between Dresden, Germany and Leipzig, Germany directly is 100 km.

Geographic coordinates:
Dresden, Germany 51° 3′ 2″ N 13° 44′ 14″ W
Leipzig, Germany 51° 20′ 23″ N 12° 22′ 23″ W
1Head west on Postplatz toward Ostra-Allee1 min0.4 km
2Turn right at Ostra-Allee1 min64 m
3Slight left onto Sophienstraße1 min0.3 km
4Turn left at Augustusbrücke1 min0.3 km
5Take the 1st left toward Devrientstraße1 min0.1 km
6Take the 1st right onto Devrientstraße1 min0.4 km
7Continue straight onto Ostra-Ufer/B6. Continue to follow B61 min0.5 km
8Turn right onto Magdeburger Straße/B62 mins1.0 km
9Turn left onto Magdeburger Straße/Waltherstraße/B61 min0.2 km
10Turn right onto Bremer Straße/B6. Continue to follow B66 mins3.8 km
11Turn left to merge onto A4 toward Chemnitz/Leipzig13 mins21.4 km
12Slight right onto A1441 mins73.7 km
13Take exit 26-Leipzig-Ost for B6 toward Engelsdorf/Wurzen1 min0.4 km
14Turn right onto B67 mins4.9 km
15Turn left onto Torgauer Straße2 mins1.1 km
16Slight right onto Eisenbahnstraße3 mins1.4 km
17Continue onto Mecklenburger Straße1 min0.3 km
18Continue onto Brandenburger Straße/B6/B87. Continue to follow B873 mins1.5 km
19Turn left onto Goerdelerring/Trödlingring. Continue to follow Goerdelerring1 min0.3 km
20Slight left onto Dittrichring1 min0.3 km
21Turn left to stay on Dittrichring1 min47 m
22Continue onto Thomaskirchhof1 min91 m

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