Distance from Tirana, Albania to Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, map and direction

distance 577 km
time 8 hours 56 mins
distance directly  308 km
speed  65 km/h
driving route efficiency  53%
direction north-west
The distance from Tirana, Albania to Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina is 577 km, and travel time is 8 hours 56 mins. Average speed of travel is within 65 km/h. Direction is north-west.

Distance between Tirana, Albania and Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina directly is 308 km.

Geographic coordinates:
Tirana, Albania 41° 19′ 55″ N 19° 49′ 54″ W
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina 43° 50′ 50″ N 18° 14′ 47″ W
1Head northwest on Rruga Musa Vathi toward Rruga Hoxha Tahsim1 min89 m
2Turn left onto Rruga Hoxha Tahsim. Pass by GW Computers (on the left)1 min0.6 km
3Turn right toward Rruga Luigj Gurakuqi1 min70 m
4Turn right onto Rruga Luigj Gurakuqi. Pass by Astra Italy (on the right)1 min0.2 km
5Continue onto Rruga Ludovik Shllaku1 min0.1 km
6Turn right toward Rruga e Dibrës1 min0.1 km
7Turn left onto Rruga e Dibrës1 min0.1 km
8Slight right onto Sheshi Skënderbej1 min0.2 km
9Continue onto Rruga e Durrësit. Pass by AMC Shop (on the right)1 min1.0 km
10At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Rruga Dritan Hoxha. Pass by Geotrim Albania (on the right in 1.1 km)3 mins1.7 km
11At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Rruga 29 Nëntori1 min0.6 km
12Take the exit1 min0.3 km
13At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto E 762/SH1. Continue to follow E 762. Go through 1 roundabout. Pass by Pike shitje e autorizuar DIGITALB (on the right in 3.4 km)29 mins37.5 km
14Slight right onto SH 1/A1. Continue to follow SH 11 min25 m
15Turn right onto A12 mins1.9 km
16Take the 1st left toward E 762/SH13 mins1.8 km
17Slight right toward E 762/SH11 min47 m
18Take the 1st right onto E 762/SH1. Pass by Karburant (on the left in 11.7 km)38 mins47.3 km
19Slight right onto Rruga Agron. Pass by Kisha Zoja e Këshillit të Mirë (on the right)1 min0.2 km
20At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto E-762/SH1. Continue to follow E-7622 mins1.7 km
21At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Bulevardi Mehmet Pashë Plaku1 min41 m
22Turn right onto Bulevardi Zogu I. Pass by ADRIADENT (on the right in 550 m)1 min0.9 km
23At Fibank Shkodra Branch, continue onto SH1. Pass by Xhamia e Parrucës (on the left)1 min0.2 km
24Continue straight past Universiteti "Luigj Gurakuqi" onto Sheshi 2 Prilli. Pass by Hotel Kaduku (on the right)1 min0.3 km
25At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Rruga Qemal Draçini. Pass by Alpha Bank Shkoder (on the right)1 min0.5 km
26At DibraDent, continue onto Rruga Martin Camaj1 min0.5 km
27Slight left onto Rruga Europa1 min0.3 km
28Continue onto SH1. Pass by Etna (on the right in 13.3 km)24 mins32.2 km
29Continue onto E762. Pass by LUKoil (on the right in 12.9 km)25 mins23.3 km
30At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Josipa Broza Tita/E65. Continue to follow E65. Pass by Hipotekarna Banka (on the right)5 mins3.7 km
31At Rasovic auto servis, continue onto Bulevar Vilija Branta2 mins1.5 km
32Continue onto E65. Pass by BMS (on the right in 2.5 km)46 mins43.9 km
33Turn left to stay on E65. Pass by M Petrol (on the right in 41.7 km)53 mins64.8 km
34At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto E763. Pass by Roda (on the left in 4.4 km)6 mins5.7 km
35Turn left to stay on E763. Pass by Бензинска пумпа Лукоил (on the right in 1.5 km)17 mins16.1 km
36Continue onto 21/E761/E763. Pass by Lukoil Brodarevo (on the left in 11.4 km)2 hours 0 mins109 km
37Take the ramp onto E-761/E76139 mins36.8 km
38Continue onto E-761/E761. Continue to follow E-7612 mins2.1 km
39Continue onto 543 mins56.8 km
40Sharp left onto E76144 mins56.1 km
41Continue onto 1914 mins18.1 km
42Keep left at the fork1 min0.8 km
43Continue onto 17/E736 mins7.7 km

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