Distance from Madrid, Spain to Zumarraga, Gipuzkoa, Spain, map and direction

distance 404 km
time 3 hours 53 mins
distance directly  318 km
speed  104 km/h
driving route efficiency  79%
direction north-east
The distance from Madrid, Spain to Zumarraga, Gipuzkoa, Spain is 404 km, and travel time is 3 hours 53 mins. Average speed of travel is within 104 km/h. Direction is north-east.

Distance between Madrid, Spain and Zumarraga, Gipuzkoa, Spain directly is 318 km.

Geographic coordinates:
Madrid, Spain 40° 25′ 0″ N -4° 17′ 46″ W
Zumarraga, Gipuzkoa, Spain 43° 5′ 10″ N -3° 41′ 7″ W
1Head east on Plaza Puerta del Sol toward Calle Carmen1 min0.1 km
2Continue onto Carrera de S. Jerónimo1 min0.3 km
3Slight right to stay on Carrera de S. Jerónimo1 min0.1 km
4Continue onto Pl. de las Cortes1 min0.2 km
5At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Plaza Cánovas del Castillo1 min0.1 km
6Continue onto Calle Felipe IV1 min0.2 km
7Keep left to stay on Calle Felipe IV1 min94 m
8Continue onto Calle de Alfonso XII1 min71 m
9Turn left to stay on Calle de Alfonso XII1 min0.5 km
10Slight right onto Plaza de la Independencia1 min42 m
11Continue onto Calle de Alcalá1 min0.4 km
12Slight right1 min25 m
13Slight left toward Calle de O’Donnell1 min1.5 km
14Continue straight onto Calle de O’Donnell1 min0.3 km
15Continue onto M-23 (signs for Vicálvaro/R-3/Valencia)1 min0.4 km
16Take exit 1B toward M-30/A-2/Zaragoza/Aeropuerto/c/ Alcalá1 min0.3 km
17Merge onto M-302 mins2.7 km
18Take the exit on the left to stay on M-30 toward Calle Costa Rica/A-1/Burgos3 mins4.7 km
19Continue onto A-12 hours 3 mins227 km
20Take the exit on the left onto E-5/E-80/A-1 toward AP-1/Vitoria/N-120/Aeropuerto de Logroño/Santander4 mins7.6 km
21Continue onto E-5/E-80/AP-1. Toll road41 mins82.1 km
22Take the exit on the left onto E-5/E-80/A-1 toward Vitoria/Gasteiz/Francia. Partial toll road14 mins24.7 km
23Take exit 352 to merge onto E-5/N-622/E-80 toward AP-68/Bilbao/AP-1/Donostia/S.Sebastiàn2 mins2.3 km
24Take the E-5/E-80/AP-1 exit toward N-624/Aireportua de Foronda/Donostia/San Sebastián1 min0.3 km
25Keep left at the fork to continue toward E-5/E-80/AP-11 min0.9 km
26Keep right at the fork, follow signs for E-5/E-80/AP-1/Donostia/San Sebastián and merge onto E-5/E-80/AP-1. Partial toll road18 mins32.6 km
27Take exit 12 toward Bergara/GI-632/Zumarraga. Toll road1 min0.7 km
28Slight right onto AP-8. Partial toll road1 min1.4 km
29Continue onto San Migel Auzoa1 min0.3 km
30Continue onto GI-6321 min1.6 km
31Continue onto Uzarraga Auz.2 mins1.8 km
32Continue straight onto Beheko Auz.1 min0.1 km
33Continue onto Barrio Irimo Barrena/Irimoegibarrena Auzoa1 min0.8 km
34Slight left onto Antigua Auz.1 min0.4 km
35Continue straight onto Basalde Auz.2 mins1.9 km
36Turn left to stay on Basalde Auz.1 min0.7 km
37Turn left to stay on Basalde Auz.1 min0.6 km
38Continue onto Diseminados Barreiatua1 min0.9 km
39Continue onto Elbarrena Auz.1 min0.2 km
40Continue onto Diseminados Barreiatua1 min1.0 km
41Turn right to stay on Diseminados Barreiatua1 min34 m
42At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Elbarrena Auz. heading to Urretxu/Zumarraga/GI-2630/Legazpi1 min0.4 km
43Slight left onto Calle Ipeñarrieta/Ipeñarrieta Kalea1 min0.4 km
44Continue onto Euskalerria Hiribidea1 min0.7 km
45Slight right to stay on Euskalerria Hiribidea1 min50 m
46Take the 1st right onto Diseminados Barreiatua1 min20 m
47Turn left onto Izazpi Auzoa Etxetaldea1 min0.2 km
48Continue onto Elgarresta Mendi Etxetaldea1 min67 m

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