Distance from City of Brussels, Belgium to Amsterdam, The Netherlands, map and direction

distance 211 km
time 2 hours 16 mins
distance directly  173 km
speed  93 km/h
driving route efficiency  82%
direction north-east
The distance from City of Brussels, Belgium to Amsterdam, The Netherlands is 211 km, and travel time is 2 hours 16 mins. Average speed of travel is within 93 km/h. Direction is north-east.

Distance between City of Brussels, Belgium and Amsterdam, The Netherlands directly is 173 km.

Geographic coordinates:
City of Brussels, Belgium 50° 51′ 1″ N 4° 21′ 6″ W
Amsterdam, The Netherlands 52° 22′ 14″ N 4° 53′ 43″ W
1Head southeast on Bisschopsstraat/Rue de l′Ev├¬que toward Rue des Fripiers/Kleerkopersstraat1 min0.1 km
2Continue onto Rue de l′Ecuyer/Schildknaapsstraat1 min0.2 km
3Continue onto Arenbergstraat/Rue d′Arenberg1 min0.2 km
4Continue onto Rue de Loxum1 min0.2 km
5Turn left onto Rue des Colonies/Koloni├źnstraat1 min0.3 km
6Continue onto Rue de la Loi/Wetstraat1 min0.3 km
7Turn right onto Rue Ducale/Hertogsstraat1 min0.3 km
8Take the 2nd left onto Lambermontstraat1 min0.1 km
9Continue onto Rue Belliard/Belliardstraat1 min0.6 km
10Turn left to stay on Rue Belliard/Belliardstraat1 min17 m
11Take the 1st right to stay on Rue Belliard/Belliardstraat1 min0.1 km
12Continue onto Kortenbergtunnel/Tunnel de Cortenbergh/N23. Continue to follow N232 mins2.4 km
13Take the ramp to E401 min0.6 km
14Slight right onto E402 mins3.9 km
15At the interchange Sint.-Stevens-Woluwe, keep right and follow signs for E19/Luchthaven Zaventem/Gent/Antwerpen/E401 min1.1 km
16Merge onto R01 min0.3 km
17Merge onto E402 mins3.5 km
18At the interchange Machelen, keep right and follow signs for Antwerpen/Mechelen1 min0.6 km
19Merge onto E1921 mins38.1 km
20Slight left to stay on E19. Entering Netherlands23 mins40.8 km
21Continue onto A162 mins4.1 km
22At the interchange Breda-Oost-Knooppunt Galder, keep right and follow signs for E312/A58 toward A27/Utrecht/Tilburg4 mins7.2 km
23At the interchange Knooppunt St.Annabosch, keep right and follow signs for E311/A27 toward Utrecht/Breda31 mins55.0 km
24At the interchange Knooppunt Everdingen-Utrecht-West, keep right and follow signs for A2/E25 toward Amsterdam. Continue to follow A228 mins45.2 km
25Continue onto Nieuwe Utrechtseweg/s1101 min0.7 km
26Turn right onto President Kennedylaan/s110. Continue to follow s1102 mins1.0 km
27Turn right onto Berlagebrug1 min0.1 km
28Continue onto Meester Treublaan1 min0.3 km
29At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Wibautstraat/s1123 mins1.7 km
30Continue onto Rhijnspoorplein1 min0.2 km
31Continue onto Weesperstraat1 min0.7 km
32Turn left onto Waterlooplein1 min0.3 km
33Turn right onto Amstel1 min0.3 km
34Turn right onto Halvemaansbrug1 min85 m
35Continue onto Kloveniersburgwal1 min0.3 km
36Turn left onto Raamgracht1 min20 m
37Continue onto Rusland1 min0.1 km
38Continue onto Sint Agnietenstraat1 min31 m

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