Distance from Paris, France to Amsterdam, The Netherlands, map and direction

distance 510 km
time 5 hours 10 mins
distance directly  429 km
speed  99 km/h
driving route efficiency  84%
direction north-east
The distance from Paris, France to Amsterdam, The Netherlands is 510 km, and travel time is 5 hours 10 mins. Average speed of travel is within 99 km/h. Direction is north-east.

Distance between Paris, France and Amsterdam, The Netherlands directly is 429 km.

Geographic coordinates:
Paris, France 48° 51′ 26″ N 2° 21′ 9″ W
Amsterdam, The Netherlands 52° 22′ 14″ N 4° 53′ 43″ W
1Head west on Rue de Rivoli toward Pl. de l’Hôtel de ville1 min0.3 km
2Turn right onto Bd de Sébastopol3 mins1.3 km
3Continue onto Bd de Strasbourg2 mins0.7 km
4Turn left onto Bd de Magenta2 mins0.5 km
5Turn right onto Rue la Fayette1 min0.2 km
6Turn left onto Rue du Faub. Saint-Denis1 min0.6 km
7Continue onto Pl. de la Chapelle1 min32 m
8Continue onto Rue Marx Dormoy1 min0.6 km
9Continue onto Rue de la Chapelle2 mins0.9 km
10Continue onto Porte de la Chapelle1 min45 m
11Continue onto Av. de la Porte de la Chapelle1 min0.1 km
12Merge onto A1 via the ramp on the left to Lille/Aéroport Charles de Gaulle/Saint-Denis. Partial toll road. Speed cameras begin in 10.4 km1 hour 19 mins137 km
13Slight right onto A2/E19 (signs for Cambrai/Valenciennes/Bruxelles/Liège). Partial toll road. Entering Belgium40 mins77.1 km
14Continue onto E1921 mins37.1 km
15Slight left to stay on E1929 mins51.5 km
16Continue onto E402 mins3.3 km
17At the interchange Strombeek-Bever, keep right and follow signs for A12 toward Willebroek24 mins35.9 km
18Merge onto E342 mins3.8 km
19Slight left onto E19. Entering Netherlands23 mins40.8 km
20Continue onto A162 mins4.1 km
21At the interchange Breda-Oost-Knooppunt Galder, keep right and follow signs for E312/A58 toward A27/Utrecht/Tilburg4 mins7.2 km
22At the interchange Knooppunt St.Annabosch, keep right and follow signs for E311/A27 toward Utrecht/Breda31 mins55.0 km
23At the interchange Knooppunt Everdingen-Utrecht-West, keep right and follow signs for A2/E25 toward Amsterdam. Continue to follow A228 mins45.2 km
24Continue onto Nieuwe Utrechtseweg/s1101 min0.7 km
25Turn right onto President Kennedylaan/s110. Continue to follow s1102 mins1.0 km
26Turn right onto Berlagebrug1 min0.1 km
27Continue onto Meester Treublaan1 min0.3 km
28At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Wibautstraat/s1123 mins1.7 km
29Continue onto Rhijnspoorplein1 min0.1 km
30Continue onto Weesperplein1 min0.1 km
31Continue onto Weesperstraat1 min0.5 km
32Continue onto Hortusplantsoenbrug/Jonas Daniël Meijerplein. Continue to follow Jonas Daniël Meijerplein1 min0.2 km
33Turn left onto Waterlooplein1 min0.3 km
34Turn right onto Amstel1 min0.3 km
35Turn right onto Halvemaansbrug1 min85 m
36Continue onto Kloveniersburgwal1 min0.3 km
37Turn left onto Rusland1 min0.2 km
38Continue onto Sint Agnietenstraat1 min30 m

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