Distance from Berlin, Germany to Bristol, City of Bristol, UK, map and direction

distance 1296 km
time 13 hours 4 mins
distance directly  1099 km
speed  99 km/h
driving route efficiency  85%
direction south-west
The distance from Berlin, Germany to Bristol, City of Bristol, UK is 1296 km, and travel time is 13 hours 4 mins. Average speed of travel is within 99 km/h. Direction is south-west.

Distance between Berlin, Germany and Bristol, City of Bristol, UK directly is 1099 km.

Geographic coordinates:
Berlin, Germany 52° 31′ 9″ N 13° 24′ 22″ W
Bristol, City of Bristol, UK 51° 27′ 14″ N -3° 24′ 46″ W
1Head southeast on Spandauer Straße toward Rathausstraße1 min0.3 km
2Turn right onto Mühlendamm/B1. Continue to follow B112 mins6.4 km
3Continue onto Hauptstraße1 min0.5 km
4Turn right onto Wexstraße1 min0.2 km
5Merge onto A100 via the ramp on the left to Flughafen Tegel/Hamburg/Magdeburg Leipzig/Wilmersdorf4 mins5.1 km
6At the interchange 10-Dreieck Funkturm, keep right and follow signs for A115 toward E51/Magdeburg/Leipzig/Potsdam16 mins28.8 km
7Merge onto A106 mins10.2 km
8Slight right to stay on A105 mins8.4 km
9Continue straight onto A24 hours 22 mins472 km
10Continue onto E341 min1.9 km
11Continue onto A36 mins10.6 km
12At the interchange 14-Kreuz Kaiserberg, keep right and follow signs for A40 toward Venlo/Duisburg. Entering Netherlands25 mins43.7 km
13Continue onto A6731 mins55.4 km
14Slight right onto A67/E34 (signs for Antwerpen/Eersel). Entering Belgium11 mins19.4 km
15Continue onto E3427 mins48.1 km
16Merge onto E3135 mins8.9 km
17Continue onto E342 mins4.2 km
18Slight left to stay on E34 (signs for Ring Antwerpen/Brugge/Gent/Haven 1000-2000)3 mins5.5 km
19At the interchange Antwerpen- West, keep left and follow signs for E17 toward Gent/Sint-Niklaas28 mins49.0 km
20At the interchange Gent-Centrum, keep right and follow signs for E40 toward Oostende29 mins51.7 km
21Slight left onto A18/E40. Entering France23 mins41.7 km
22Continue onto A16. Speed camera in 13.5 km32 mins56.4 km
23Take exit 42b toward E151 min0.9 km
24Continue straight1 min0.5 km
25Continue straight onto Le Tunnel2 mins1.3 km
26Turn right1 min32 m
27Turn left1 min0.1 km
28Take the 1st right1 min0.1 km
29Take the train20 mins0.1 km
30Take the train to Fréthun1 min0.3 km
31Take the train to Folkestone. Entering United Kingdom (England)35 mins53.4 km
32Take the train1 min0.3 km
33Continue straight4 mins2.6 km
34Keep right at the fork, follow signs for London/Ashford/M20 and merge onto M2036 mins60.2 km
35Slight left onto M2610 mins16.5 km
36Continue onto M2541 mins67.3 km
37At junction 15, exit onto M4 toward Reading/Slough1 hour 38 mins154 km
38At junction 19, exit onto M32 toward Bristol5 mins7.4 km
39Continue onto Newfoundland Way/A40321 min0.7 km
40Slight left onto Temple Way/A4044. Continue to follow A40441 min1.1 km
41At the roundabout, take the 4th exit onto Temple Way/A40441 min0.4 km
42Turn left onto Temple Back1 min0.3 km
43Turn right onto Passage St1 min23 m

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