Distance from Paris, France to Baku, Azerbaijan, map and direction

distance 4575 km
time 2 days 7 hours
distance directly  3807 km
speed  83 km/h
driving route efficiency  83%
direction south-east
The distance from Paris, France to Baku, Azerbaijan is 4575 km, and travel time is 2 days 7 hours. Average speed of travel is within 83 km/h. Direction is south-east.

Distance between Paris, France and Baku, Azerbaijan directly is 3807 km.

Geographic coordinates:
Paris, France 48° 51′ 26″ N 2° 21′ 9″ W
Baku, Azerbaijan 40° 26′ 4″ N 49° 52′ 3″ W
1Head west on Rue de Rivoli toward Pl. de l’Hôtel de ville1 min76 m
2Slight left onto Rue de la Coutellerie1 min0.1 km
3Turn right onto Av. Victoria1 min32 m
4Take the 1st left onto Rue Saint-Martin1 min71 m
5Take the 1st left onto Quai de Gesvres1 min0.2 km
6Continue onto Quai de l’Hôtel de ville1 min0.6 km
7Continue onto Quai des Célestins. Speed camera within 200 m1 min0.3 km
8Continue onto Quai Henri IV1 min0.7 km
9Continue onto Voie Mazas1 min0.3 km
10Keep right at the fork1 min0.6 km
11Continue onto Quai de Bercy3 mins1.5 km
12Take the ramp to A3/A6/Périphérique/Porte de Bercy/Charenton1 min0.3 km
13Keep right at the fork to continue toward A41 min70 m
14Keep right at the fork to continue toward A41 min0.1 km
15Keep right at the fork to continue toward A41 min21 m
16Keep right at the fork, follow signs for A4/Metz/Nancy/Marne la Vallée/Créteil1 min40 m
17Keep left at the fork and merge onto A4. Partial toll road. Speed cameras begin in 7.4 km3 hours 41 mins368 km
18Slight right onto A320. Partial toll road. Speed camera in 3.9 km. Entering Germany8 mins14.5 km
19Continue onto A640 mins71.7 km
20At the interchange 16a-Dreieck Kaiserslautern, keep right and follow signs for A63 toward Frankfurt a.M./Mainz40 mins70.2 km
21At the interchange 2-Kreuz Mainz-Süd, keep right and follow signs for A60 toward Frankfurt a.M./Darmstadt10 mins16.7 km
22At the interchange 30-Rüsselsheimer Dreieck, keep left and follow signs for A67 toward Köln/Hannover/Würzburg/Frankfurt4 mins6.4 km
23Continue onto E421 min1.0 km
24Merge onto A33 mins6.7 km
25Take the A5 exit toward Hannover/Westkreuz F2 mins2.0 km
26Follow signs for B43/Kelsterbach/Flughafen Frankfurt1 min0.5 km
27Keep left at the fork, follow signs for A5/Hannover/Kassel/Dortmund/Frankf.-West and merge onto A51 hour 10 mins127 km
28Merge onto A73 mins3.9 km
29Slight right onto E401 min0.6 km
30Continue onto A43 hours 6 mins334 km
31Slight left to stay on A4. Entering Poland54 mins97.1 km
32Continue onto 4. Partial toll road3 hours 31 mins400 km
33Take the exit onto 423 mins43.1 km
34Take the exit toward 41 min0.8 km
35Turn right onto 43 mins2.2 km
36Turn left to stay on 4. Go through 3 roundabouts1 hour 34 mins97.9 km
37Turn left toward Kolejowa4 mins2.3 km
38Turn right onto Kolejowa3 mins1.6 km
39Continue onto Grunwaldzka2 mins1.1 km
40Continue onto Rynek1 min0.1 km
41Continue onto Mickiewicza2 mins1.5 km
42At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto 429 mins26.8 km
43Continue onto Krakowska1 min0.4 km
44Keep left at the fork1 min0.1 km
45Continue onto wiadukt Śląski1 min0.4 km
46Continue onto Aleja Marszałka Józefa Piłsudskiego. Go through 1 roundabout1 min0.5 km
47Turn right onto Grunwaldzka1 min0.1 km
48Turn left onto Jana III Sobieskiego2 mins0.5 km
49Turn right onto Targowa1 min37 m
50Sharp left to stay on Targowa1 min92 m
51Take the 1st right onto Aleja Marszałka Józefa Piłsudskiego1 min0.4 km
52Continue onto Lwowska2 mins1.2 km
53At Rondo Pobitno, take the 1st exit onto 457 mins59.7 km
54Turn left onto Juliusza Słowackiego2 mins1.4 km
55Continue onto Jana III Sobieskiego1 min0.1 km
56Continue straight onto Rynek1 min11 m
57Keep left at the fork1 min0.1 km
58Continue onto Lwowska1 min0.6 km
59At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto 4. Entering Ukraine19 mins22.0 km
60Continue onto E405 mins6.9 km
61Slight right to stay on E4010 mins11.8 km
62Turn right to stay on E4012 mins16.1 km
63Continue onto M1024 mins32.1 km
64At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Кольцевая дор./Кільцева дор.24 mins23.6 km
65Turn right toward H021 min0.2 km
66Take the 1st right onto H0241 mins53.7 km
67Slight right toward H023 mins2.6 km
68Continue straight onto H0244 mins57.5 km
69Continue straight onto майдан Перемоги/пл. Победы1 min38 m
70At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto вул. Гетьмана Мазепи/ул. Гетмана Мазепы1 min0.6 km
71At the roundabout, take the 1st exit1 min0.7 km
72Continue straight onto Русская ул./Руська вул.2 mins1.5 km
73Continue onto просп. Степана Бандери/просп. Степана Бандеры4 mins2.4 km
74At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto E50/M121 hour 16 mins99.9 km
75Slight right to stay on E50/M127 mins7.6 km
76At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit and stay on E50/M1212 mins15.7 km
77Turn right onto M1213 mins17.1 km
78Turn left onto E50/M1245 mins58.8 km
79Turn right to stay on E50/M1220 mins24.2 km
80Turn left to stay on E50/M121 min4 m
81Turn right to stay on E50/M124 mins3.1 km
82Continue onto Хмельницкое ш./Хмельницьке ш.6 mins4.2 km
83Continue onto пл. Гагарина/пл. Гагаріна1 min0.3 km
84Continue onto Соборна вул./Соборная ул.. Partial toll road2 mins1.2 km
85Continue onto Музейна пл./Музейная пл.. Toll road1 min0.3 km
86Continue onto Соборна вул./Соборная ул.1 min0.5 km
87Slight right onto вул. Островського/ул. Островского3 mins1.4 km
88Continue onto вул. Лебединського/ул. Лебединского2 mins1.0 km
89Slight right onto Немировское ш./Немирівське ш.5 mins4.3 km
90Continue onto M12. Go through 1 roundabout3 hours 49 mins299 km
91Turn right onto E50/M12/T12015 mins4.3 km
92Turn left onto Кольцевая дор./Кільцева дор.21 mins21.7 km
93Turn left onto T120552 mins62.1 km
94Turn right onto М-04/вул. Героїв Сталінграду/ул. Героев Сталинграда/M04. Continue to follow М-04/M042 hours 15 mins165 km
95Turn right onto М-04/просп. Калинина/просп. Калініна/M041 min0.9 km
96Turn left onto М-04/вул. Леваневського/ул. Леваневского/M04. Continue to follow М-04/M042 mins1.1 km
97Turn left onto вул. Пастера/ул. Пастера2 mins0.3 km
98At the roundabout, take the 1st exit1 min0.5 km
99Continue straight onto Амурский мост/Амурський міст2 mins2.1 km
100Continue onto вул. Каруни/ул. Каруны2 mins1.3 km
101Turn right onto вул. Бажова/ул. Бажова1 min0.1 km
102Slight right toward Янтарна вул./Янтарная ул.1 min0.6 km
103Turn right onto Янтарна вул./Янтарная ул.2 mins1.3 km
104Turn left at Калинова вул./Калиновая ул.1 min0.8 km
105Continue straight onto вул. Героїв Громадянської війни/ул. Героев Гражданской войны1 min0.4 km
106Turn left onto Березинская ул./Березинська вул.1 min0.3 km
107Turn right onto Донецкое ш./Донецьке ш./М-04/M04. Continue to follow М-04/M042 hours 21 mins174 km
108Turn left onto ул. Леваневского10 mins9.8 km
109Turn right onto T051127 mins40.8 km
110Continue onto H2016 mins17.2 km
111Exit onto H2012 mins15.4 km
112Slight right toward Донецкое ш./Донецьке ш.1 min0.3 km
113Slight right onto Донецкое ш./Донецьке ш.. Go through 1 roundabout4 mins3.9 km
114Continue onto H21/T0507. Continue to follow H21. Go through 1 roundabout26 mins26.5 km
115Slight left onto вул. Карла Маркса/ул. Карла Маркса4 mins3.8 km
116Continue onto H2117 mins18.1 km
117Turn right onto T05172 mins2.1 km
118Turn left11 mins13.6 km
119Turn right14 mins15.2 km
120Turn right. Entering Russia7 mins7.9 km
121Continue straight54 mins71.4 km
122Turn left onto М23. Go through 2 roundabouts42 mins50.5 km
123Continue onto ул. Дачная1 min0.5 km
124Continue onto ул. 56-й Армии1 min0.8 km
125Slight right onto ул. Вавилова/М23. Continue to follow М23. Go through 1 roundabout2 mins1.6 km
126At пл. Народного Ополчения, take the 3rd exit onto просп. Ленина2 mins1.3 km
127Turn right onto просп. Михаила Нагибина2 mins1.5 km
128At пл. Гагарина, take the 2nd exit onto просп. Ворошиловский5 mins3.1 km
129Continue onto М414 mins15.9 km
130Turn right to stay on М41 hour 23 mins112 km
131Continue onto M29/М-294 hours 18 mins347 km
132Turn right toward Р2622 mins2.4 km
133Continue straight onto Р26219 mins25.0 km
134Turn right to stay on Р26259 mins78.0 km
135Turn left to stay on Р26239 mins52.6 km
136Sharp left to stay on Р2623 mins3.4 km
137Turn right to stay on Р2621 hour 51 mins149 km
138Turn right onto Р3094 mins5.5 km
139Turn right to stay on Р30926 mins35.3 km
140Slight right onto M29/М-29. Entering Azerbaijan3 hours 15 mins259 km
141Continue onto Баку-Куба-Граница России/M-1. Pass by Gas station (on the right in 39.1 km)35 mins39.5 km
142At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit and stay on Баку-Куба-Граница России/M-1. Pass by Avtoyuma (on the left in 2.1 km)41 mins46.9 km
143At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto the M-1 ramp1 min0.9 km
144Merge onto M-154 mins75.1 km
145Slight left onto Sumgayit Bypass Highway10 mins14.6 km
146Turn right onto R69 mins10.5 km
147Turn right to merge onto Baku-Shamakhi-Yevlakh/M4. Continue to follow M411 mins12.7 km
148Turn left to stay on M43 mins2.4 km
149Turn right at Döngə 101 min0.4 km
150Take the 2nd right1 min0.3 km
151Turn left1 min0.5 km
152Take the 3rd right1 min13 m
153Take the 1st left1 min0.3 km
154Take the 1st left toward Biləcəri - Baksol yolu3 mins1.7 km
155Continue straight onto Biləcəri - Baksol yolu2 mins1.0 km
156Turn right onto Binagadi Highway1 min0.1 km
157Sharp left to stay on Binagadi Highway1 min90 m
158Take the 1st right onto Darnagul 11 min0.2 km
159Keep right at the fork2 mins1.2 km
160Slight right to stay on Darnagul 11 min0.9 km
161Take the 3rd left. Destination will be on the left1 min0.3 km

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