Distance from Munich, Germany to Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia, map and direction

distance 4203 km
time 2 days 2 hours
distance directly  3376 km
speed  84 km/h
driving route efficiency  80%
direction north-east
The distance from Munich, Germany to Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia is 4203 km, and travel time is 2 days 2 hours. Average speed of travel is within 84 km/h. Direction is north-east.

Distance between Munich, Germany and Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia directly is 3376 km.

Geographic coordinates:
Munich, Germany 48° 8′ 12″ N 11° 34′ 38″ W
Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia 56° 50′ 17″ N 60° 36′ 11″ W
1Head northeast on Sparkassenstraße toward Ledererstraße1 min0.3 km
2Turn left onto Pfisterstraße1 min53 m
3Take the 1st right onto Hofgraben1 min75 m
4Take the 1st right onto Maximilianstraße1 min0.1 km
5Turn left onto Alfons-Goppel-Straße1 min0.3 km
6Take the 1st right onto Hofgartenstraße1 min0.1 km
7Turn left onto Franz-Josef-Strauß-Ring1 min0.3 km
8Turn right onto Prinzregentenstraße2 mins0.8 km
9Turn left onto Widenmayerstraße1 min0.7 km
10Slight left to stay on Widenmayerstraße1 min0.2 km
11Continue onto Ifflandstraße1 min0.7 km
12Take the ramp on the left to A8/A9/Stuttgart/Nürnberg/Flughafen München/B11/Landshut1 min0.7 km
13Merge onto Isarring/John-F.Kennedy-Brücke/B2R. Continue to follow B2R2 mins1.8 km
14Merge onto A9 via the ramp to A8/Stuttgart/Nürnberg/Flughafen M1 hour 27 mins156 km
15At the interchange 51-Nürnberg, keep right and follow signs for A9 toward Berlin/Dresden/Bayreuth3 hours 30 mins374 km
16Merge onto A105 mins9.5 km
17Keep left at the fork30 mins46.6 km
18Slight right onto A12. Entering Poland33 mins58.8 km
19Continue onto E301 min0.6 km
20Take the ramp to E301 min0.3 km
21Slight left onto E30. Partial toll road4 hours 3 mins456 km
22Continue onto S85 mins7.8 km
23Take the exit toward Aleja Prymasa Tysiąclecia1 min0.2 km
24Keep right at the fork and merge onto Aleja Prymasa Tysiąclecia4 mins4.8 km
25Continue onto DK2/Rondo Zesłańców Syberyjskich/E301 min65 m
26Turn left to stay on DK2/Rondo Zesłańców Syberyjskich/E301 min63 m
27Take the ramp onto Aleje Jerozolimskie/DK2/E30. Continue to follow DK2/E3012 mins11.5 km
28Keep left at the fork. Continue to follow DK2/E3030 mins25.9 km
29At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Route 92. Go through 1 roundabout5 mins3.9 km
30Turn right onto Warszawska1 min47 m
31Sharp left to stay on Warszawska14 mins10.2 km
32Continue onto Route 924 mins5.3 km
33Continue onto DK2/E30. Continue to follow DK2. Go through 4 roundabouts. Entering Belarus2 hours 17 mins141 km
34Continue onto Unknown road2 mins1.4 km
35Continue straight onto Варшавское ш./Варшаўская шаша5 mins4.6 km
36Turn left onto vulica 28 Lipienia4 mins1.5 km
37Turn right onto vulica Maskoŭskaja10 mins8.7 km
38Continue onto E30. Entering Russia6 hours 22 mins588 km
39Continue onto Е3044 mins58.9 km
40Continue onto ш. Минское/М113 mins15.5 km
41Continue onto Е302 hours 48 mins226 km
42Slight right onto М11 hour 46 mins137 km
43Continue onto ш. Можайское4 mins4.3 km
44Continue onto просп. Кутузовский5 mins5.4 km
45Take the exit toward путепр. Киевский1 min0.1 km
46Keep right at the fork and merge onto путепр. Киевский1 min0.4 km
47Continue onto ТТК11 mins12.8 km
48Keep right at the fork and merge onto ТТК3 mins3.4 km
49Take the exit toward ш. Энтузиастов1 min0.5 km
50Turn right onto ш. Энтузиастов10 mins9.4 km
51Continue onto М71 min0.3 km
52Continue onto ш. Энтузиастов3 mins1.5 km
53Continue onto М715 mins24.7 km
54Continue onto ул. Калинина1 min2.2 km
55Continue onto М71 hour 26 mins124 km
56Continue onto ш. Горьковское1 min0.6 km
57Take the exit1 min0.3 km
58Continue straight43 mins54.0 km
59Turn right onto М713 mins17.5 km
60Turn left7 mins8.3 km
61Turn right toward Р712 mins1.7 km
62Turn right onto Р713 mins2.9 km
63Turn left onto М736 mins46.7 km
64Turn right to stay on М71 hour 26 mins113 km
65Continue onto ш. Московское3 mins3.1 km
66Take the exit toward ул. Кузбасская1 min0.3 km
67Turn right onto ул. Кузбасская2 mins1.5 km
68Continue onto ул. Удмуртская3 mins2.4 km
69Continue onto ул. Новикова-Прибоя4 mins3.3 km
70Continue onto мост. Мызинский3 mins2.3 km
71Continue onto ул. Новикова-Прибоя1 min0.5 km
72Continue onto ул. Ларина4 mins3.6 km
73Continue onto М718 mins20.3 km
74Turn right to stay on М72 hours 56 mins234 km
75Turn left to stay on М742 mins54.6 km
76Continue onto Р17516 mins20.9 km
77Turn left to stay on Р1754 mins4.3 km
78Turn right to stay on Р17517 mins21.7 km
79Take the ramp onto М736 mins43.5 km
80Turn left to stay on М72 hours 20 mins188 km
81Turn left to stay on М71 hour 7 mins87.2 km
82Turn right onto Р32056 mins74.5 km
83Continue onto М71 min2.0 km
84Continue onto Можгинский тракт/Р320. Continue to follow Р32013 mins11.7 km
85Turn right onto ул. Новоажимова/Р3202 mins1.4 km
86Turn right onto ул. Карла Либкнехта/Р322. Continue to follow ул. Карла Либкнехта. Go through 1 roundabout3 mins1.7 km
87At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto ул. Удмуртская7 mins4.3 km
88Slight right toward ул. Удмуртская1 min0.2 km
89Continue straight onto ул. Удмуртская1 min0.8 km
90Continue onto ш. Воткинское39 mins46.3 km
91Turn right9 mins11.5 km
92Turn left1 hour 11 mins94.2 km
93Turn right21 mins27.8 km
94Turn right16 mins21.3 km
95Turn left25 mins33.5 km
96Turn left21 mins27.1 km
97Turn right1 min1.5 km
98Take the 1st left49 mins64.7 km
99Turn left19 mins25.2 km
100Turn right toward Р2428 mins10.6 km
101Turn right onto Р2422 hours 41 mins216 km
102Turn left to stay on Р24223 mins29.9 km
103Continue onto Ново-Московский тракт4 mins5.5 km
104Continue onto ул. Металлургов2 mins1.9 km
105Continue onto ул. Репина3 mins1.2 km
106Keep left at the fork2 mins0.6 km
107Continue onto просп. Ленина3 mins1.3 km

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