Distance from Milan, Italy to Prague, Czech Republic, map and direction

distance 870 km
time 8 hours 41 mins
distance directly  645 km
speed  100 km/h
driving route efficiency  74%
direction north-east
The distance from Milan, Italy to Prague, Czech Republic is 870 km, and travel time is 8 hours 41 mins. Average speed of travel is within 100 km/h. Direction is north-east.

Distance between Milan, Italy and Prague, Czech Republic directly is 645 km.

Geographic coordinates:
Milan, Italy 45° 27′ 56″ N 9° 11′ 11″ W
Prague, Czech Republic 50° 4′ 32″ N 14° 26′ 16″ W
1Head northwest on Via dei Mercanti toward Via Broletto1 min9 m
2Take the 1st right onto Via Tommaso Grossi1 min10 m
3Take the 1st left onto Via Broletto1 min0.4 km
4Continue onto Via Ponte Vetero1 min0.1 km
5Continue onto Via Mercato1 min0.2 km
6Turn left onto Via Tivoli1 min0.1 km
7Take the 2nd right onto Foro Buonaparte1 min0.2 km
8Turn right onto Piazza Castello1 min0.1 km
9Slight right onto Via Legnano1 min43 m
10Turn left to stay on Via Legnano1 min0.4 km
11Take the 1st left to stay on Via Legnano. Leaving toll zone1 min39 m
12Continue onto Viale Elvezia1 min0.3 km
13Continue onto Viale Giulio Douhet1 min0.2 km
14Continue onto Via Francesco Melzi D’Eril1 min0.5 km
15Turn right onto Corso Sempione2 mins1.4 km
16Continue onto Piazza Firenze1 min0.2 km
17Continue onto Viale Certosa4 mins2.3 km
18Turn right onto Via Montefeltro1 min0.2 km
19Take the ramp on the left to Torino/Venezia/Genova/Bologna1 min64 m
20Continue straight1 min1.3 km
21Keep left at the fork, follow signs for A8/Varese/Aeroporto Malpensa/Gravellona T./Como/Chiasso/Svizzera1 min0.5 km
22Keep right at the fork and merge onto A8. Partial toll road6 mins10.5 km
23Slight right onto A9. Toll road. Entering Switzerland16 mins31.9 km
24Continue onto A2. Toll road32 mins55.2 km
25At the interchange 45-Diramazione Bellinzona Nord, keep right and follow signs for E43/A13 toward Bellinzona Nord/Chur/San Bernardino. Partial toll road1 hour 50 mins177 km
26Take exit 4-Kriessern toward Götzis1 min0.3 km
27Turn right onto Zollstrasse. Entering Austria1 min0.3 km
28Continue onto L582 mins1.6 km
29At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Neue Landstr./L55. Continue to follow L552 mins1.0 km
30Turn left to merge onto A14/E60 toward Deutschland/Bregenz. Continue to follow A14. Partial toll road. Entering Germany14 mins26.4 km
31Continue onto A9635 mins62.9 km
32Slight right to stay on A9655 mins99.6 km
33At the interchange 35-Dreieck München-Süd-West, keep right and follow signs for A99 toward Nürnberg/Stuttgart/München-West/Flughafen M10 mins17.7 km
34At the interchange 11-Dreieck München-Feldmoching, keep right and follow signs for A92 toward Deggendorf/Flughafen München/Nürnberg8 mins13.2 km
35At the interchange 4-Kreuz Neufahrn, keep right and follow signs for Nürnberg/Regensburg1 min1.3 km
36Follow signs for A9/Berlin/Nürnberg and merge onto A917 mins29.9 km
37At the interchange 65-Dreieck Holledau, keep right and follow signs for A93 toward Hof/Regensburg/Wolnzach1 hour 16 mins128 km
38At the interchange 28-Kreuz Oberpfälzer Wald, keep right and follow signs for A6 toward Prag/Praha/Waidhaus/Vohenstrauß/Tschechien. Entering Czech Republic19 mins33.7 km
39Continue onto E50. Partial toll road1 hour 18 mins151 km
40Take exit 1 to merge onto Pražský okruh/E50/R1 toward Brno. Partial toll road4 mins6.9 km
41Take exit 16 toward Praha-Braník/Praha-Barrandov1 min0.8 km
42Merge onto K Barrandovu/E506 mins5.5 km
43Keep left at the fork, follow signs for Smíchov and merge onto Barrandovský most1 min0.7 km
44Continue onto Strakonická1 min0.2 km
45Take the exit toward Centrum/Smíchov1 min0.4 km
46Merge onto Strakonická2 mins1.8 km
47Continue onto Hořejší nábř.1 min0.8 km
48Slight left onto Janáčkovo nábř.1 min0.2 km
49Slight right onto Jiráskův most1 min0.4 km
50Continue onto Jiráskovo nám.1 min52 m
51Continue onto Resslova1 min0.3 km
52Slight left onto Karlovo nám.1 min0.1 km
53Continue onto Ječná1 min0.6 km
54Turn right onto Sokolská1 min0.2 km
55Turn left onto Rumunská2 mins0.5 km
56Continue onto Nám. Míru. Destination will be on the right1 min0.2 km

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