Distance from Cologne, Germany to Birmingham, West Midlands, UK, map and direction

distance 796 km
time 8 hours 22 mins
distance directly  633 km
speed  95 km/h
driving route efficiency  80%
direction north-west
The distance from Cologne, Germany to Birmingham, West Midlands, UK is 796 km, and travel time is 8 hours 22 mins. Average speed of travel is within 95 km/h. Direction is north-west.

Distance between Cologne, Germany and Birmingham, West Midlands, UK directly is 633 km.

Geographic coordinates:
Cologne, Germany 50° 56′ 15″ N 6° 57′ 37″ W
Birmingham, West Midlands, UK 52° 29′ 10″ N -2° 6′ 34″ W
1Head south on Unter Käster toward Heumarkt1 min11 m
2Continue onto Heumarkt1 min0.1 km
3Turn right onto Gürzenichstraße1 min0.1 km
4Turn left onto Kleine Sandkaul1 min0.1 km
5Turn right onto Pipinstraße/L111. Continue to follow L1111 min0.4 km
6Turn left onto Neuköllner Straße3 mins0.3 km
7Turn right onto Blaubach1 min0.3 km
8Continue onto Rothgerberbach/B55. Continue to follow B551 min0.7 km
9Keep left at the fork. Continue to follow Luxemburger Straße/B2657 mins4.0 km
10Turn left to merge onto A4 toward Aachen34 mins57.9 km
11At the interchange 4-Kreuz Aachen, keep right and follow signs for A44 toward Brüssel/Aachen-Süd/Liège/Lüttich1 min0.3 km
12Turn right onto A44. Entering Belgium6 mins11.2 km
13Continue onto E4028 mins50.1 km
14Slight right to stay on E40 (signs for Bruxelles/Louvain)43 mins77.7 km
15Slight right to stay on E40 (signs for E411/E19/Gent/Antwerpen/Bergen/Namen/Charleroi/Luchthaven Zaventem)10 mins17.4 km
16At the interchange 10-Groot-Bijgaarden, keep right and follow signs for E40 toward Gent/Aalst52 mins93.5 km
17Slight left onto A18/E40. Entering France23 mins41.7 km
18Continue onto A16. Speed camera in 13.5 km32 mins56.4 km
19Take exit 42b toward E151 min0.9 km
20Continue straight1 min0.5 km
21Continue straight onto Le Tunnel2 mins1.3 km
22Turn right1 min32 m
23Turn left1 min0.1 km
24Take the 1st right1 min0.1 km
25Take the train20 mins0.1 km
26Take the train to Fréthun1 min0.3 km
27Take the train to Folkestone. Entering United Kingdom (England)35 mins53.4 km
28Take the train1 min0.3 km
29Continue straight4 mins2.6 km
30Keep right at the fork, follow signs for London/Ashford/M20 and merge onto M2036 mins60.2 km
31Slight left onto M2610 mins16.5 km
32Continue onto M2546 mins75.7 km
33At junction 16, take the M40(W) exit to B’ham/Oxford1 min1.2 km
34Merge onto M401 hour 21 mins136 km
35At junction 3A, exit onto M42 toward M1/M6/Birmingham (E, N & C)/Solihull/N.E.C. Airport11 mins17.1 km
36At junction 7, take the M6(N) exit to Birmingham(C&N)1 min0.8 km
37Keep right at the fork and merge onto M67 mins12.3 km
38Keep left at the fork, follow signs for A38(M)/Birmingham(Cent.) and merge onto A38(M)2 mins3.1 km
39Continue onto Corporation St/A381 min0.2 km
40Take the ramp to University of Aston/Markets area/Childrens Hospital1 min0.3 km
41Merge onto Corporation St1 min56 m
42At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto James Watt Queensway/B41141 min0.1 km
43James Watt Queensway/B4114 turns left and becomes Aston St/B41331 min0.1 km
44Turn left1 min10 m
45Turn left1 min35 m

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