Distance from Rome, Italy to Oslo, Norway, map and direction

distance 2511 km
time 1 day 2 hours
distance directly  2006 km
speed  98 km/h
driving route efficiency  80%
direction north-west
The distance from Rome, Italy to Oslo, Norway is 2511 km, and travel time is 1 day 2 hours. Average speed of travel is within 98 km/h. Direction is north-west.

Distance between Rome, Italy and Oslo, Norway directly is 2006 km.

Geographic coordinates:
Rome, Italy 41° 54′ 5″ N 12° 27′ 39″ W
Oslo, Norway 59° 54′ 50″ N 10° 45′ 9″ W
1Head east on Borgo Santo Spirito toward Via Scossacavalli1 min0.2 km
2Turn left onto Via San Pio X1 min94 m
3Continue onto Via della Traspontina1 min94 m
4Continue onto Via di Porta Castello1 min0.2 km
5Continue onto Via Sforza Pallavicini1 min0.1 km
6Turn left onto Via Crescenzio1 min0.4 km
7Turn right onto Piazza del Risorgimento1 min22 m
8Keep left at the fork1 min0.1 km
9Turn right onto Via Ottaviano1 min0.3 km
10Continue onto Viale Angelico3 mins1.6 km
11Continue onto Lungotevere Maresciallo Cadorna1 min0.9 km
12Continue onto Lungotevere Maresciallo Diaz1 min0.8 km
13Continue onto Viale di Tor di Quinto1 min0.5 km
14Turn left onto Via Lupi Pietro1 min0.1 km
15Take the ramp to Corso di Francia1 min60 m
16Turn right onto Corso di Francia1 min1.0 km
17Continue onto Via Flaminia Nuova4 mins4.3 km
18Continue onto Via Flaminia1 min0.8 km
19Turn right onto the ramp to Firenze1 min0.2 km
20Merge onto A901 min1.5 km
21Take exit 8-9-10 for E35 toward Firenze1 min0.5 km
22Take exit 9 toward Bel Poggio/Fidene1 min1.1 km
23Keep left at the fork, follow signs for E35/Firenze and merge onto A1 GRA/E35. Partial toll road12 mins22.2 km
24Keep left at the fork, follow signs for A1/Firenze/E35/E45 and merge onto A1/E35/E45. Continue to follow A1/E35. Toll road3 hours 14 mins375 km
25Take the exit onto A22/E45 toward Verona/Brennero. Toll road. Entering Austria2 hours 42 mins313 km
26Continue onto A13. Toll road18 mins34.5 km
27Merge onto A12. Partial toll road. Entering Germany38 mins74.7 km
28Continue onto A9314 mins24.8 km
29At the interchange 56-Dreieck Inntal, keep left and follow signs for A8 toward München26 mins45.8 km
30Slight right onto E451 min2.0 km
31Merge onto A9916 mins27.8 km
32Slight right onto E451 min1.4 km
33Merge onto A91 hour 23 mins149 km
34Continue onto E451 min2.0 km
35Merge onto A356 mins99.9 km
36Take the A7 exit toward Hannover Kassel Schweinfurt1 min1.0 km
37Merge onto E451 min0.6 km
38Merge onto A71 hour 21 mins145 km
39Slight left to stay on A7. Entering Denmark5 hours 4 mins523 km
40Continue onto E4548 mins89.4 km
41Slight left to stay on E45 (signs for Århus/Vejle)1 hour 57 mins205 km
42Take exit Høvejen for E39 toward Exit 10/Thisted/11/Hirtshals/Hjørring/Brønderslev1 min0.4 km
43Slight right onto E39. Go through 2 roundabouts36 mins60.8 km
44Take the ramp on the left onto Læssevej/E39. Continue to follow E392 mins0.8 km
45Turn right onto Flyndervej1 min81 m
46Take the Hirtshals, DK - Larvik, NO ferry to Larvik. Toll road. Entering Norway3 hours 25 mins163 km
47Continue straight onto Rv401 min54 m
48Turn right to stay on Rv40. Go through 3 roundabouts7 mins6.1 km
49At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto the E18 ramp to Oslo1 min0.3 km
50Merge onto E18. Partial toll road1 hour 27 mins125 km
51Take exit 5 for Ring1 toward Sentrum V1 min0.3 km
52At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Ring1. Go through 1 roundabout3 mins1.3 km
53Turn right onto St. Olavs Gate/Ring1. Continue to follow Ring11 min0.7 km
54Continue onto Hammersborggata1 min0.4 km
55Continue onto Lybekkergata1 min36 m

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