Distance from New York, NY, USA to Los Angeles, CA, USA, map and direction

distance 2777 mi
time 1 day 21 hours
distance directly  3935 km
speed  100 km/h
driving route efficiency  88%
direction south-west
The distance from New York, NY, USA to Los Angeles, CA, USA is 2777 mi, and travel time is 1 day 21 hours. Average speed of travel is within 100 km/h. Direction is south-west.

Distance between New York, NY, USA and Los Angeles, CA, USA directly is 3935 km.

Geographic coordinates:
New York, NY, USA 40° 42′ 52″ N -75° 59′ 38″ W
Los Angeles, CA, USA 34° 3′ 8″ N -119° 45′ 23″ W
1Head southwest on Broadway toward Chambers St1 min125 ft
2Take the 1st right onto Chambers St1 min0.1 mi
3Take the 1st right onto Church St1 min0.3 mi
4Slight left onto 6th Ave2 mins0.4 mi
5Turn left onto Watts St1 min374 ft
6Take the ramp onto I-78 W/Clifford Milburn Holland Tunnel. Continue to follow I-78 W. Entering New Jersey5 mins2.3 mi
7Slight right to stay on I-78 W. Partial toll road. Entering Pennsylvania2 hours 17 mins143 mi
8Keep left at the fork, follow signs for Interstate 81/Harrisburg and merge onto I-81 S40 mins37.2 mi
9Take exit 52 for US-11 toward I-76/New Kingstown/Middlesex1 min0.2 mi
10Keep right at the fork, follow signs for US-11 and merge onto US-11 S/Harrisburg Pike2 mins1.0 mi
11Take the Interstate 76/Pennsylvania Turnpike ramp to Philadelphia/Pittsburgh. Toll road1 min0.5 mi
12Take exit 201-2 to merge onto I-76 W/Pennsylvania Turnpike toward Pittsburgh. Toll road2 hours 44 mins152 mi
13Take exit 75 to merge onto I-70 W toward Wheeling WV. Partial toll road34 mins36.9 mi
14Continue onto I-79 N4 mins3.3 mi
15Slight left onto I-70 W. Entering West Virginia28 mins26.9 mi
16Slight left onto I-470 W (signs for Columbus). Entering Ohio10 mins10.9 mi
17Merge onto I-70 W2 hours 4 mins120 mi
18Slight right to stay on I-70 W (signs for Interstate70 W/Dayton/Rich Street/Town Street). Entering Indiana2 hours 49 mins173 mi
19Merge onto I-65 S2 mins1.7 mi
20Slight right onto I-70 W. Entering Illinois2 hours 29 mins144 mi
21Slight right to stay on I-70 W (signs for Interstate 70 W/Saint Louis)1 hour 19 mins76.8 mi
22Take the exit on the left onto I-55 S. Entering Missouri22 mins20.2 mi
23Take exit 40C for Interstate 55 S toward Interstate 44 W1 min0.3 mi
24Merge onto I-55 S1 min1.0 mi
25Slight right onto I-44 W (signs for Interstate 44 W/Tulsa/12th Street/Gravois Avenue). Partial toll road. Entering Oklahoma6 hours 5 mins378 mi
26Take exit 34 to merge onto I-44 W/US-412 W toward OK-66/Tulsa. Partial toll road5 mins5.2 mi
27Slight left onto I-44 W16 mins15.2 mi
28Slight right to stay on I-44 W. Toll road1 hour 18 mins86.2 mi
29Continue onto John Kilpatrick Turnpike. Partial toll road23 mins24.7 mi
30Take the exit onto I-40 W toward Amarillo. Partial toll road. Passing through Texas, New Mexico, Arizona. Entering California18 hours 33 mins1,202 mi
31Merge onto I-15 S56 mins58.5 mi
32Continue straight to stay on I-15 S (signs for Los Angeles/San Diego)14 mins14.1 mi
33Take exit 109A to merge onto I-10 W toward Los Angeles40 mins38.9 mi
34Slight left onto San Bernardino Fwy (signs for U.S. 101/Los Angeles)2 mins1.7 mi
35Merge onto US-101 N1 min0.9 mi
36Take exit 2C for Spring St1 min0.1 mi
37Turn right onto N Spring St2 mins0.4 mi
38Turn left onto W 1st St. Destination will be on the right1 min335 ft

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